A gramophone breaks the silence , they are getting dressed up to meet the coming visitors, she is searching for the butterfly necklace , she finds a gun .. and then everything started.


صوت جرامافون يكسر الصمت ، يستعدوا لمقابلة الضيوف القادمين ، تبحث عن سلسلة الفراشة ، تجد مسدس .. ثم يبدأ كل شئ



Best Screenplay - 6th Tangier International Film Festival-Morocco


Best Film - Art Deco Film Festival-Brazil


Grand Prize - Casablanca International Short Film Festival-Morocco


Naoussa Award- Naoussa International Film Festival-Greece


Special Mention- Alexandria Med. Film Festival-Egypt




Official Selections:


6th Tangier International Film Festival-Morocco 2013  (Best screenplay)                  


9th Art Deco Film Festival Sau Paulo-Brazil  2013    (Best Film)  -nominated for 6 prizes     


9th Casablanca International Short Film Festival-Morocco 2013 (Grand prize) 


9eme festival de rencontres de l' image - Egypt 2013 ( french cultural center )


34th Durban international film festival south africa    7-2013


3rd Malmo arab film festival Sweden   9-2013


10th Naoussa International Film Festival-Greece 2013 (Naoussa Award)

presented by students of the local schools and universities


8th Cyprus International Film Festival-Cyprus 2013


32nd Alexandria International Film Festival-Egypt (Special Mention) 2013


4th Corinthian International Film Festival-Greece 2013


4th Peloponnesian International Film Festival-Greece 2013


12th Cornwall Film Festival-England 2013


2nd Festival International de Cine de Hermosill-Mexico 2013


25th Istanbul International Short Film Festival-Turkey 2013


10th El Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes FENACO Perú -Peru 2013


7th Goiamum Audiovisual film festival Brazil  12-2013


6th Cabriolet Film Festival-Lebanon 2014


2nd Masry Asly Itinerant Film Festival-Egypt



2nd Qabila Film Festival-Egypt


6th MÈDIT, Festival de Cinema Mediterrani de Menorca-Spain 2014


12th film Africa Festival-England 2014


6th Baghdad International Film Festival -Iraq 2014


2nd Digital Marrakech-Morocco 2014


25th Carthage International Film Festival-Tunisia 2014


Curtimrtages-Barcelona 2015




Other Screenings:


Cinema Zawya (odeon) a day for short films-Cairo, Egypt


The Shortest Day in spain celebrating the shortest day of the year


BBC Arabia - Alternative cinema program