Mohamed Samir has graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in Cairo as a film editor, and subsequently through his work as an editor he has dealt with all aspects of the film scene.


In 2007 with the rise of the independent cinema movement in Egypt he decided to establish his own post-production/production company “DayDream Art Production” to serve and support this movement, which he feels passionately about promoting.


With his experience in the commercial mainstream film making scene, DayDream could have a unique impact, combining the understanding of the commercial market along with the artistic approach of the Director’s Films.


Mohamed Samir also has different experiences in the film industry such as teaching in the Jesuite Film School for 4 years and being the Artistic Director of the 36th Cairo International Film Festival 2014.


In 2013 he produced Factory Girl for the veteran Egyptian director Mohamed Khan, wanting to prove that this way of production can deal with big directors and also can reach a wide audience.

The film has been distributed in 8 countries and was a success story in the Egyptian Market, and it was the Egyptian contender for the Oscars in 2015.


Mohamed Samir was awarded the Best Production of the year Award for Factory Girl at the Egyptian National Film Festival.


As a director, he has done several commissioned documentaries and now he is in the production stage of his short fiction film A Normal Day and also in the development stage of his first feature film as a director “Untitled”.